Copyrights and licenses


Copyrights and licenses


The fact that you read electronically already means that we have something in common; therefore, we consider you as “one of us”. We trust you. All e-books in this store are without the annoying technical file protection (without DRM) - you can use the e-book’s copy that you have bought freely as you wish on one or several YOUR devices, as long as you don’t violate these rules:

  • Every e-book’s copy bought from this store is intended only for your personal use.
  • It is forbidden to multiply, send to friends, distribute, upload and make publically available for download or distribute your copy in any other way without author’s and/or copyrights owner’s written permission, if not noted otherwise on the e-book’s title pages.
  • If you like an e-book, share not with your copy, but with the information where it is possible to buy it! Because, if the e-book is good, then the author deserves the reward for the work he has done and financial opportunity to create new works, right?



E-book's files are marked with buyer’s personal data, so that everyone know that You are the owner of the copy.

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