Jānis Joņevs - Doom 94
A disarmingly genuine and funny coming-of-age story of a fourteen-year-old youngster who is trying to find himself by exploring the rebellious subculture of metal, but also a witty, almost documentary-like portrait of the 90s life in Latvia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Upon its publication, “Jelgava 94” became an immediate national ...Lasīt tālāk
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Aris Birze - Don't be scared
Īstas piezīmes un kaila patiesība, klusējot ar sevi Rišikešā, Indijā No grāmatas ievada: “Pirms diviem gadiem uzsāku ceļu uz finansiālām dzīves bagātībām, par kādām raksta pašizaugsmes grāmatās – galvenais ir darīt aprakstītos principus, un viss būs. Tā es lasīju, klausījos un testēju gandrīz visu, ko man citi pasniedza, līdz nokļuvu līdz pavisam ...Lasīt tālāk
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NEW IN THE STORE! The Fourth Largest In Latvia sees "Leading scholar in his field" Viktor Draaks embarking - against his will - on an increasingly desperate and absurd journey through Latvian society. On the way he encounters many of the typical inhabitants of this small but interesting Baltic state: friendly criminals, the helpful Russian secret ...Lasīt tālāk
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25 years ago, the people of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania united under broad democratic movements to demand from the Soviet Union the freedom which was taken from them in 1940. One can only admire the courage of these people who, armed only with songs and an urge for justice, challenged the Soviet giant. The world was shaken by this peaceful ...Lasīt tālāk
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